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Athlete Magento Theme
  • Please see: https://athlete.olegnax.com/index.php/men/shoes/running.html

    Is this view configurable? We want to use much bigger pictures, maybe two across, instead of how it's displayed here.

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  • Support
    Hello Jeff,

    Yes, our theme comes with an option to set the number of products per raw (2-7) and also an option to set the image max width.

    Best Regards
  • Hi, do you have this template available for magento 2?
  • Support
    Hello Pablo,

    No, this template doesn't support Magento 2+ and we don't have plans to make it compatible in the nearest future.
  • Hello, I like so much this theme, but i don't like so much the headers. I imagine a search field bigger. Is it possible customization?
  • Support
    Yes, it's possible to achieve this.
  • good afternoon
    In the future will there be any version for magento 2?
  • Support
    Currently we don't have such plans.
  • Hi!

    I really like your theme and I'm ready to buy it. I'm just worried of the customization part. I'm not a coding fan and haven't used magento. I'm currently working on Wordpress. does this theme have a page builder? do I need to do any coding in order to change the design of the homepage for example. thank you
  • So this theme will never be ready for Magento 2.x? That's a real shame, I really can't understand that logic. Alright, I understand you will wait 1 year after the release of new Magneto and then upgrade the theme.

    I have seen so many potential customers (me included) who would buy the theme if it will fit Magento 2.

    I still have faith in you guys, make this awesome theme for Magento 2, there are not any great themes for Magento 2 out there.
  • How long do you guys need to answer my question??? I was ready to buy it but it seems like support isn't that great... not even an email address....
  • Support

    Sorry for the delay. Magento is not for beginners. It's a powerful CMS for creating an online store that requires of strong knowledge of its basics and features.

    By default it contains an editor (similar to WordPress) with Visual & Text modes. All you can see on our live previews was managed using the theme settings and HTML in a page content to vary home pages: https://athlete.olegnax.com/landing/. Our theme comes with a "Quickstart" packagethat is the exact copy of our live preview and it may be helpful for you just to copy & paste the necessary sections or settings to your live store.

  • Hi, when will this theme be available in Magento 2? Is this gonna happen? We've been waiting forever for it.
  • Support
    Unfortunately we cannot say when Magento 2 version will be available.
  • When was the theme last updated for security?
  • You have sayd in themeforest 3 months ago that you will make new "athlete" theme for magento 2. When you realease it?
  • Will you make an update to this wonderful theme to make it compatible with the new current magento version?
  • Steve Administrator
    Magento 2 version of this theme will be released soon. It is actually ready but in the queue for review on envato for over week already.
  • Is this ready for Magento 2 Now? When can we expect it?

  • Steve Administrator
    Hi JM,
    Magento 2 version has been released over a months ago:

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