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Adsense Ads?
  • Love your retro theme! Wow!!

    Before I'd consider buying, I'd like to know if I can place Adsense ads or other monetization widgets on the Blog pages or in the content or sidebar areas somewhere? (Don't believe I'd be using the eCommerce pages at this time). I did see also view simpler 1-page "Retro Porfolio" theme as well, which looks great but I don't see a place for Adsense ads/monetization items there either.

    SO, appreciate your insight on where/if I could monetize in content areas or blog posts or sidebars in this lovely Retro theme?

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    Hello Deb,

    As this is a simple script, it can be easily placed into a Text widget. Placing it into content will require a bit tweaking due to WordPress requirements.

    Best Regards
  • Thanks Stan! To clarify --- will this work on the simpler "Retro Portfolio" theme as well?….and if so, what pages would allow text widgets?
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    Sidebar can be applied for every post or page. In case of portfolios, it will require a bit tweaking to add script there.

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