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Athlete Theme
  • Currently using your Shopper theme which is currently unavailable for download - so thought I'd take a look at this one which I have always liked the look of. Please can you confirm that this template is actively being supported before I go ahead and buy.
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    Hi Gina,

    Don't know what you mean by "actively" but we do support this theme. Shopper also will be back with a new look but it will take some time, because there are a lot of work.
  • Ok - thanks Steve - can you tell me - other than the color swatch and blog (which are great includes by the way):-

    are there any additional benefits to this theme above shopper as it stands?
    is it as customisable?
    how does it compare for SEO?

    and also regarding the color swatches:-

    can these be enabled within category list view (so they show on the listed product)?
    same question for side navigation bar (so color would show as a swatch rather than text)?
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    Hi Gina,

    You can learn all of the theme features on product details page and make your conclusion:

    No, coloswatches can not be shown on product listing. At least not yet.

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