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Athlete Theme Questions
  • Hello,
    3 important features of the next theme we are looking to buy are the following:

    -single page checkout (not accordion style), for better conversions;
    -a prominent facebook like box on the home page for improved social network presence;
    -an ajax attribute filter for improved customer shopping experience.

    All other features that we are looking for seem to be incorporated in this theme.
    Are the features mentioned above on your roadmap for a near-future update?

    Thank you.
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  • Support

    1. We are going to add support of one page checkout plugin, but it won't be included in theme.

    2. There are lots of troubles with facebook, because they change something all the time. That's why we do not want to add it in our theme.
    But you can add it easily

    3. We do not plan to add ajax attribute filter because it cause a lot of troubles and slow down store, especially if there are a lot fo product. This feature may looks cool but is bad for conversion.

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