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Retro Theme--Responsiveness / Mobile Question
  • Dear Olegnax,

    Your Retro theme is absolutely beautiful. I want to buy it and center my new design business around this theme. However, I noticed on the iPhone at least, that there is no responsiveness, and that the revolution slider, when transitioning between slides, flashes the screen white.

    Have you experienced any issues on mobile devices with this theme?

    Any reason you chose not to include a responsive design?

    Such a beautiful theme! I swear the only thing preventing me from wanting to use this for my web business is the lack of responsiveness.

    Amazing design work man! You guys are making beautiful stuff! Keep at it!
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  • Support
    Hello, Bill Banks !

    1. No, this theme doesn't have a responsive design.
    2. Thanks for notice, we will check the issue with the revolution slider.

    Best Regards!
  • I agree with Bill. This is an absolutely gorgeous theme! I just have a really hard time promoting a website that is not responsive these days. I hate that I can't use it though, it is really nice!
  • May I say.... Absolutely beautiful theme.

    Iw ould love to integrate woocommerce with this theme, Does the theme support woo commerce?
  • Support
    1. The design is too complicated to make it responsive.
    2. We’ve got a contributor who’s willing to help with the WooCommerce integration, so we hope to implement it soon.

    Best Regards!
  • Too complicated? Perhaps... Yes. Impossible? No! C'mon guys! Definite sale here if you make it responsive. If I could modify the theme myself and make it responsive I would but Themeforest's T's & C's prevent me from modifying anything bought from the marketplace. So as to not run into legal trouble, I won't do so but you guys doing it yourself will definitely translate to more sales I reckon. Use it, lose it.
  • Same goes for me. Make this responsive and you got a sale
  • Just try it on iPad.... :(((((

    Look at this:

    When do you plan any update?
    info: iPad4 with retina

  • I'd love to purchase this theme, but I can't if it's not responsive. I hope you'll consider updating it for all devices!!! Beautiful theme!
  • Same here, I would purchase it if it was responsive! Come on guys, you can do it and it is a must these days ;-)
  • hello

    Can I buy this theme for wordpress is not, but just in html?
  • Support
    Hello, Nik!

    For now the only the wordpress theme is available but we also plan to make an HTML version.

    Best Regards!
  • Stan, have you any idea on the timeframe of the HTML version of this theme? And will this version be responsive?
  • Support
    Hello, Andrew!

    1. We hope we will release the HTML version soon.

    2. The design is too complicated to make it responsive. We don't plan to make it.

    Best Regards!
  • Hello Stan,

    Hello Stan!

    That's a shame about not making it responsive, I am going to attempt to make this design responsive for my client. eek!

    Can you be more specific about the HTML release date? 2 weeks 2 months 2 years?

    Like I said, I've got a client in mind for this design, but need it in pure HTML format.

  • Support
    Unfortunately we don't have any ETA of the HTML version.

    Best Regards!
  • I have a client who has one side of their business built in wordpress, and needs to create the other half in Dotnetnuke - Thus the requirement of a pure HTML skin.

    Would it be possible to contact me when the HTML version is created? I can delay the client for a period of time, with the explanation that the HTML version is being worked on - But they are starting to press for time frames.

  • Support
    You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook to have the latest news.

    Best Regards!
  • I'm another person that would buy this if it was responsive. I'm sure the amount of new customers that would buy this if it was responsive would make it worth the effort.

  • Hello, I am Alexandro and I live in Brazil. I am interested in buying the Premium Vintage Retro theme and wish to know what are the files that I receive paying $ 45.00. I wonder also how the license and whether it has expiration. Grateful now.
  • Support
    Hello, Alexandro!

    You can check the info about files included in the theme package here on the right:

    The info related to the license can be found here:

    Best Regards!
  • Unfortunately I have already bought the theme and thought I would just be able to use WPtouch plugin to make responsive but see that's not an option.
    Is there any chance this will ever be responsive? Thought you may have something in the pipeline as these other comments go back a while.
  • Support
    to @Oceanz

    We do plan to make it responsive but unfortunately this feature won't be available in the nearest future due to a complicated design.
  • I'm going to try an tackle a responsive Retro theme on my next few days off. I'm sure there's a lot I will miss but I can get the guts of it for sure. I played around with it a bit yesterday and it looked very cool!
  • Hi , anyone had luck with makin this theme responsive ? Please help
  • Support
    Due to many requests we decided to make a responsive version of this theme but we don't have an ETA of the update.
  • Hi if we purchase this now, will a mobile responsive update be free?
  • Support
    Sure, all updates are free. After the new update will be approved on Themeforest, you can simply download the theme package again and re-upload the theme files via FTP.
  • Oh it's a good News !! Responsive design for your Retro theme is essential ! I need this for a french client with a big catalog and using essentially a tablet...
    No idea of delay for a date of a beta version may be ?

  • Support
    to @Vincent

    We are almost finished and on a stage of testing. Unfortunately we cannot say when the update will be ready but hope it will be released in a week or two.

    Best Regards!
  • Hi, I love this theme, did you make responsive version of this theme?
  • Support
    Yes, we have added responsive design on February 26, 2014.
  • Hi, I've just tested the demo version at the google mobile friendly site and it says it's not mobile ready. Is this just because it was the demo site? Is there an active site I can test?

    This is a beautiful design and I'd love to use it, I just want to be sure it's mobile ready before purchasing.

    Thanks for your time.
  • Just tested another link and it works great. Thanks

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