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Editor included with the Retro – Premium Vintage WordPress Theme
  • Hi,

    what kind of editor is bundled with the Retro WordPress Theme? I didn't find any detailed information about this and this is an important feature. The description suggests that I'll have visual aid during shortcode creation, but the editor will not render them at all. This is not really crucial for things like buttons etc.. but it is very important for layout-related shortcodes..
    Could you let me know a bit about the current editor? Screenshots or a video would be helpful as well.

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    Hello Tomek,

    Our theme uses default TinyMCE and Text editors that are built-in WordPress.

    Best Regards
  • This was my question as well. I just purchased another theme that I was unable to use it since there were absolutely zero visual clues as to what I was building :( I love the look of your theme as I need this retro feel but i am hesitant to purchase a theme without a visual component of some sort. I am used to working with Visual Composer, Unison and most recently the builder by Brandexponents. Without being able to organize a layout of a page visually, I'm afraid I'll be lost.

    So, when working with your theme, as I add the short code it just gets translated into code and placed into the text editor window? Is that correct?
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    Built-in shortcodes that comes with the theme are placed into a Visual mode of the editor. As for the Visual Composser we do plan to make this plug-in be fully compatible with the theme.
  • Thanks for answering! I've noticed there are very few retro/vintage themes and even fewer with a true retro feel like yours. If you were to add the visual composer i think you'd see a lot of interest in the theme! I'll keep an eye out and will look to buy when you make the two compatible :)
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    Actually you can use Visual Composser with the theme (i.e. there shouldn't be any conflicts). The only thing that most elements from this plug-in are not styled to fit the theme design.

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