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Would Like to buy Simplicity Theme
  • Dear Sir,

    I am interested in buying Simplicity theme and would like to know 1 point.
    In Simplicity theme, if I need to edit in css file to do any changes in website like width, height, etc. , can i be able to edit & from where I can find the css file and edit the particular css file.

    Appreciated your reply.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sohil Jain
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  • Support
    Hello, Sohil Jain!

    We have developed special content area where you can place your custom rules instead of editing core theme files.

    Best Regards!
  • Ok. But Can I see what custom rule is given to core theme css files. Can I check that ? So If I need to change littlebit then I can write same custom rule in content area as its in core theme files and can do changes where needed.

    Sohil Jain
  • Support
    Yes, you will always see your rules in that area and there are no problems to edit them or even delete.

    Best Regards!

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