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Smplicity customizability
  • Hello,
    I am looking at your very cool Simplicity for WP theme and have a few pre-sale questions:

    Is there any limit to the number of pages, blogs, portfolios or other possible pages or sub-pages?
    Can the theme support different changeable, responsive background images...even different on each page?
    Can I add other 3rd party touch responsive banners and widgets to all pages?

    Do you know if the Simplicity theme is WP 3.5 ready? And if a large Buddy Press forum and S2Member database with content access levels will work in the theme?

    I see by this forum you reply regularly with solid concise info, and I really appreciate that...I have been doing alot of research to get the right theme and many theme authors don't appear to have the time to reply.

    Thank you so much for any answers you can give!

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  • Support
    Hello, Jamie!

    - There is no limit due to the number of posts, pages and sub-pages.
    - Theme is responsive and mobile ready. You can add custom backgrounds on different pages via our "Custom CSS Styles" form, that you can find in the Dashboard.
    - Unfortutately, we did not test our theme with 3rd party plugins and widgets, so we cannot guarantee, that there will not be any conflicts in our theme.

    We try to provide the best and quick help for our clients.

    Best regards.
  • Dear Sir,

    I would like to buy E-commerce Simplicity theme under a Regular Licence for $60. Actually I have one doubt i.e. I am planning to make ecommerce wordpress website and after some time can I sell whole site to someone else if anybody interested in buying like can I sell whole website in Flippa.
    Should I make different account for each theme so that I can sell whole website and can give account access to buyer. Also if I am making for my client then also I can give themeforest account access to client so that client can join forum and can ask question and contact directly . Am I right ?

    Also in Simplicity theme, if I need to edit in css file from where I can find the css file and edit the particular css file or how can I find which CSS style is written.

    Your reply will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sohil Jain
  • Support
    Hi Sohil Jain,

    You need to contact envato support with this questions.

    We are just an author on envato marketplace and have nothing to do with billing and license.

    Also you can read license here:
    g. You must not incorporate the Work in a work which is created for Resale by you or your client.

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