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HELP big problem !! URGENT !
  • Hello,

    I just bought a theme on your web site this one : SIMPLICITY :

    I have folowed the instruction; downloaded the theme and activated it through my admin page and now my website is down !! with this error :

    "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _verify_isactivate_widgets() (previously declared in /homez.316/bourgeoi/www/bobo/wp-content/themes/simplicity/functions.php:604) in /homez.316/bourgeoi/www/bobo/wp-content/themes/simplicity/lib/metabox/functions.php on line 592"

    you can check it here

    How is it posible I just bought it 20 min ago!!

    It is very urgent and serious for my business!

    Please answear and help me quickly. What is the problem and how can I fix it my wordpress is updated...

    thanks a lot for helping me quickly
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  • Hi, I'm not the admin here but I had a similar problem where I downloaded a free theme (not Simplicity) and it crashed everything. In my case, the theme was not compatible with a plug-in I had installed previously. So I've learned to test the themes with plug-ins disabled, then add them one by one and make sure they work.

    And never upload a theme to your live website without testing it offline.

    I can't give you technical advice since in my case, I messed things up so badly I had to get my webhost provider to re-install WP for me and then I uploaded a backup. You do have a backup of your previous site, right?
  • no finally the problem come back.... HELP!!
  • Oh sleepymonkey I ve just seen your message. I think I have a backup of my website on line with my webhost but don't know how to proceed.
  • I m now with my previous theme. It works with this theme but not with the one I VE PAID !?
  • Anyone knows about this message : "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _verify_isactivate_widgets() (previously declared in /homez.316/bourgeoi/www/bobo/wp-content/themes/simplicity/functions.php:604) in /homez.316/bourgeoi/www/bobo/wp-content/themes/simplicity/lib/metabox/functions.php on line 592"
  • Support

    Your files were infected. I've checked downloaded archive and both files that mentioned at your error haven't problems.

    You need to check your computer and hosting.

    You can find malicious code at two files:

    look at bottom of files and compare with downloaded files.

    It's curious but malicious code failed to execute because our theme contain two files with name functions.php

    Kind regards.
  • Thank you I fiexed the problem just by replacing the files (functions.php) by the original one AFTER the activation of the theme. The worm is executed when we activate the theme...

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