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Need Help
  • Hello,

    Unfortunately there isn't any other way to contact you, so I'm left with posting in the presales forum.

    A third party provider developed our site. They are no longer our provider - how do I gain control of my license so that I can request support? The javascript being loaded in this theme has some serious issues, and I can't seem to contact you any other way other than the support forum - which requires the license code.

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  • Support
    Hello Aaron,

    I'm afraid the only way in this case is to purchase your own license.
    You can also try to request an item purchase code from the previous provider in order to register in our support forum but you will face issues with updating the theme in the future. Because the latest theme version can be downloaded only from Themeforest.

    Best Regards
  • Can you please provide me with some means of contact for you other than this form? Also - what happens if they have already registered their license code for support here?
  • Support
    Help for our theme is conducted through this help forum.
    If the purchase code has been already registered, you can request login details to access this support forum from your provider. Or in case he confirms that the license was transfered to you, we can change the email address used to register a purchase code to your address.

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