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Domain Change and Multi Language Support
  • Hi! I just want to ask the following

    1. Is the athlete magneto theme open source, meaning we would be able to see the code of the theme such as xml and phtml files?
    2. Will I be able to change the domain once I use this theme? The domain for our site is not yet ready so we would be first creating a testing site. Once the domain is ready, we would need a way to transfer the site from the test domain to official live domain.
    3. You claim that this theme has a multi language feature. Does this mean that you have a right to left layout available for languages such as Chinese? Also, does this theme support multi currency?

    Thanks and hope to hear your reply soon.
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    Hello Jac,

    1. Yes, you will be able to see the code in xml and phtml files.
    2. There shouldn't be any problems with licensing if you migrate your website from dev environment to a live domain.
    3. Multi language and multi currency are the features that come in Magento by default.

    Best Regards

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