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  • Hello, This is not a presales question because I have no other ways of means to contact.

    I have been handed the item purchase code for this theme by a previous web developer who built the site. I wan't to register for support but it's saying that it's already registered. Please can you get back to me on what would be the next steps?

    I can email the purchase code document if needs be.
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    Hello Hayden,

    You should contact Envato Support and ask them if it's possible to transfer the license.

    On our end we can only change registration details related to our forum. It means you will be able to access our forum to get some general help but won't have the ability to update the theme in the future because all updates are conducted through Themeforest account.

    The purchase code you can send to this e-mail address:

    Best Regards
  • Thanks, Stan, will get in contact with Envato team than

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