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Questions about Retro Theme - License
  • I am interested in purchasing Retro Theme but i'have some questions about it and Regular License ( from Evato Market ) :
    I can install theme on a "developing domain" on which test all functionalities, preassemble the site, and after this step, migrate the single installation in another domain ( for the final client ) after deleting the first one from "developing domain" ?
    If it's not possible, i can install Retro theme on local host wthout problems about this issue ?
    waiting for your answer!

    felt greetings
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  • PS:
    I'm the final client and the developer but i use a domain - platform to prepare all my works before launching this site because i have the necessity to put hand on a lot of code in a live version and I need to have a stable final version witout problems on wordpress or woocommerce structure.

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    Hello Mot,

    There won't be any problems if you install the theme on your local/dev server and then migrate it to the live website :)

    Best Regards
  • So if i install the theme on my local wordpress and than migrate all data on online server it's good, but if i install it on my local server, than i unistall it, make a new wordpress installation on online server and after install retro theme again on it it's not good?

    I apologize if my problem is not well expressed , but I want to be sure of not having to buy a second copy for an oversight. I think that these problems are arising from the fact that i don't know how you make the single installation control.

    heartfelt thanks!
  • Support
    There won't be any problems in both cases.

    Please, check the licences info here:
  • is there a version of the licenses that will allow me to use the theme on 2 of my personal sites? one is a family site and the other is "my" site. Or would i have to purchase the theme twice?
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    There is not such a license. You will need to purchase the theme for every domain as per Themeforest rules.
  • Do you offer education pricing on themes?
  • Support
    Hello Mark,

    No, we don't. Our theme comes with documentation that describes the theme settings and features. We also have a FAQ section where you can find the answers on some common questions and also a help forum where you can discuss some issues with other users or our tech support.

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