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Theme Athlete vs. Shopper
  • Hello I have narrowed down the theme I want to purchase from you between "Athlete" and "Shopper" theme.
    There are a few things I have questions on that I notice between the 2 themes.
    1) Are on "Shopper" there are multiple prices on items - is this also available on Athlete?
    2) Does either have AJAX Log In as well?
    3) The "quick view" in the "Athlete" does not work on the demo. - The question is are the "Quick View" & "Configurable Swatches" variations the same on both themes? I like how the "Configurable Swatches" work on the shopper but I there is no demo in "Athlete" showing that part.
    4) Seems like a lot of new themes (other companies) have "Google Rich Snippets" to help SEO search. Your improved SEO search is your own function correct?
    5) Does either theme have a count down option?
    6) I don't see this options in any of the 2 demo themes but are you able to put a banner/slider/picture/link when hoovering/opening over one of the top menu options?

    I am sure there are difference between the 2 theme but the ultimate question is are the "Quick View" & "Configurable Swatch" options the same for both themes?

    More importantly can "Athlete" be configured to do the same swatches as "Shopper?"

    More simply other than visual differences what is there a major difference between the 2 themes?

    Sorry, if my questions are redundant. I am new those Magento and how it's themes work.
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    Hello Chun,

    - Please, elaborate on your request. What do you mean under the "multiple prices on items"?

    - Login page you can check by following the next link: http://athlete.olegnax.com/index.php/customer/account/login/

    - Can you clarify what device and browser you are using? Do you have any add-ons/plug-ins installed in your browser that may prevent pop-ups? Have you removed the frame at the very top right while checking our preview?
    The theme uses default "Configurable Swatches" functionality. You can check how it look s by following the next link: http://athlete.olegnax.com/index.php/men.html?___store=fr&___from_store=default

    - No it doesn't.

    - You can see banner slider right after the slideshow here: http://athlete.olegnax.com/index.php/?___store=default&___from_store=gr

    The main difference is in the features included in both themes.

    Best Regards

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