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Various Pre-Sales Questions
  • We are interested in using the Athlete theme and are wondering:
    - Is it possible to have full search bar when scrolling down instead of only magnifying glass
    - When on an index (or category) page and you click on a sub-category on the right, it takes you to another category, instead of a sub-category of where you are looking. Can these be changed to only be sub-categories
    - Add when you add to cart from product page is it possible for the modal to have options to checkout or continue
    - Can we do an accordion style checkout? Can we view the cart on the right during checkout?
    - Can you send examples of websites that are using Athlete theme that sell in the areas of beauty or fashion?
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    - There is an option to set search bar always be visible in a header section. If you are talking about sticky header, it will require a bit tweaking.
    - Please, elaborate on this request.
    - There is a a pop up window with 2 link to "View Cart" or "Checkout". It's possible to add one more link e.g. "Continue" with a bit tweaking.

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  • Hi Stan, I have some additional questions:
    • Can you make the ‘sticky navigation’ bar remain static vs. “popping” down
    • As you move the cursor over a tile/kicker (the boxes below the main image on the homepage) the image ‘zooms’ and the call-to-action button moves just slightly. Can you make this stay in one place?
    • On index page, as you hover over an image, it rotates to show an alt view and the quick view button appears on top of image. Can we not switch images and keep the same image?
    - Can we make the quickview button smaller and perhaps opaque?
  • Support
    - Yes, there is an option to set header sticky or Fixed
    - If you are talking about animation, it can be disabled with a bit tweaking.
    - Yes, of course.
    - Actually you can style any element or section in the theme to fit your needs using override.css or custom sub theme. It's Magento default feature.
    - the theme also comes with documentation where you can find the info about the theme settinfs and features.
  • Do you provide a visual assets guide that includes the dimensions of various images (products, blog, etc) used in Athlete? This would greatly simplified our work in Photoshop when resizing the images.
  • Support
    The description of some options includes this info:

    adm Athl
  • OK, many thanks. I will go to purchase your theme.

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