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  • Hi!
    I like your theme. Want to purchase, but only one question. I found your theme on one of "free" websites, downloaded it as demo version to check is it suitable for my project. Everything looks nice, but only the speed of changing pages is very small. I mean that when I click on any link it takes more than 5-10 seconds before it start to change. Page loads fast. I use fast hosting.
    Is this a protection method or original theme so slow too? Looked at sample sites from these forum - they work fast.
    If you will guarantee that theme will work fast, I'll purchase it.
    Thank you.
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  • Support

    The website loading depends on a hosting you are using and optimization you make. You can check how the theme works on our live preview:

    Best Regards
  • Do you mean that there is no such protection in your theme, and slow change of pages of my site depends only from optimisation and hosting?
  • Support
    We don't know what theme you are using and what customizations were made to the theme core but usually the themes from warez have cut functionality or contain viruses.

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