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Magento theme (Celebrity) - Multi Website
  • I have a running magento site (Website 1) and i'm gonna make a new website (Website 2) in that magento installation. The theme on Website 2 (Celebrity) is displayed on another domain than Website 1. The theme is only displayed on Website 2 but hosted at Website 1's domain.

    1: Will there be any problems with the license because of the terms on Themeforest?

    2: How can i make sure that there will be no complications with the other theme installed?

    Sorry for the confusing question. I had a hard time explaining my self :)
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    Hello Christian,

    1. You can learn more about the licenses here: Also you can contact Envato support to clarify this

    2. The only way is to install theme and check how it works with other themes.

    Best Regards

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