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Atlhete Theme
  • Hello,

    I am very interested in purchasing the theme atlhete and have 3 questions before I buy:

    1 - it is possible click to buy and go direct to the cart, without appearing pop up asking?

    2 - If I have a problem or bug, you support for how long?

    3 - works perfectly in magento

    Once I get the answer I will get the module immediately.

    Thank U,

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  • Support
    Hi Rodolfo,

    1. Yes, of course, it is magento default behavior. Just turn off ajax features in admin panel

    2. We do not provide 24/7 support, so it may take up to a couple days. You can see our support policy at the bottom of this page.

    3. Yes, you can find compatibility on the product details page:
    Compatibility – Magento Community Edition,,,,,,
  • One last question in the cart on top of the site I go with the mouse over and appears products in the cart. I realized I have a field to enter discount coupon, but you can not type. Is that so?

    It would be possible, if the client add the coupon in the cart you see the coupon discount on that cart is at the top?
  • I am also interested in buying the Athlete theme.

    I would like someone to upload the theme onto our Magento and install it correctly, do you offer this service?


  • Support
    Hi Aaron,

    You can contact to order installation service.

    I don't really understand what you mean but if you want to add coupon code field in cart drop down, then it will require customization.
  • Hello Steve.

    I've done the change we wanted. But thanks anyway.
  • Is it possible for you to install the theme for me please?
  • Steve Administrator
    Hi ashleyallen,

    As I said above, you can contact to order installation service.
  • Hi Steve,

    Quick question.
    Can I not have popups when adding products to cart and just get a message saying Product added to cart?

    I would like all messages to not be on popups, is this possible?

    Also, I need some pretty specific Category options for the sidebar. Like the ability to show just products in one brand is there such capability? I guess this would be Layered navigation multi-select?

    Are the icons Awesome font? We kinda like that.

    Is there a Welcome Customer message area at top?

    Thanks, we love this theme!
  • Steve Administrator
    Hi Claudia,

    1. It wil require slight customization.
    2. Don't know what exactly you need, but sorting by attributes (it is can byanything, price, brand, color or whatever) is magento default functionality and yes it is called Layered Navigations.
    3. Yes we use font Awesome in our theme
    4. We have removed welcome message, but I can guide you how to bring it back.
  • Hi there,

    I am thinking to buy the athlete theme for a website I am wanting to make,
    If I purchase this, am I going to do all the changes online on your site like I would do on or am I downloading the folder and then build the website remotely on my computer?
  • Support
    Hello dan,

    After purchase you will be able to download archive that includes the theme files, PSD files and documentation. The website you will build remotely.
  • I fell in love with your ATHLETE theme. After my purchase I realized that Magento is too elaborate for a beginner. Do you ever plan on releasing the theme for something like Prestashop or Woocomerse? If so I would be more than happy to purchase it again.

  • Support
    Hello Dillon,

    We don't plan to make Athlete theme for WordPress or Prestashop.

    May be you will be interested in these WordPress themes with WooCommerce integration:


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