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Using "irregular" Logo dimension
  • Hi,

    Just a quick presales queston:

    Now, you theme authors are fond of assuming all logos have a dimension with smaller height and longer width. I just want to know if I could use a logo on this theme with for example, 40px(w) x 100px(h) – without the need to mess around with code (or minimal adjustment).
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  • Serge Administrator

    Sure you can use any dimension logo. Here is an example of such logo -
    This logo will be active for 24 hr. After thath i will remove it
    As you can see - all you need to adjust is logo position ( possible you want to move it to right ) and center right links vertically. This can be done by changing two lines in css.
  • okay! what lines in css do I need to change?
  • Serge Administrator
    Edit skin/frontend/default/celebrity/css/local.css

    find header .links {
    change margin:0; to margin: 40px 0 0;

    find header .logo {
    add margin: 0 0 0 40px;
  • Thanks man! ;)
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