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menu display and portfolio
  • Hi! I have 2 questions to help me decide whether to buy the template, could you please help me?

    1) Does the logo have to display in the middle of the menu bar, or can I place it to the left with the menu items on the right?

    2) On the Portfolio landing page, where I see all the works (for example , is it possible to only click on each image and open its larger version in a lightbox? Without there being one page/link for each work. I would like it to work like sort of a photogallery (that is sortable)

    Thank you very much!
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    Hello Raffaella,

    1. There are 3 ways to show logo and menu section:

    menus Retro

    2. Yes, there is an option to set gallery post to open in a lightbox instead og going to its page.

    Best Regards

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