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Retro theme - Woocommerce Integration
  • Hi ! I want to buy your retro theme but first, I have a question. I want to create with your theme a shop page without any prices displayed but still with the possibility to add products on the cart and then send the cart as an order directly to my mailbox. Is it possible? Per example, a customer come to my shop page, add products he's interested about on the cart and then send the order to me as a mail. Also, I wanted to know if it's easy to create a shop with woocommerce because I'm really a newbie and I don't know how to use it. I want exactly the same shop page than the one you show on preview theme. How to do it? thank you !
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    Hello M.B.O,

    - Shop functionality is provided by WooCommerce plug-in and all info about its adjustment can be found in their official docs:

    - WooCommerce provides dummy data that can be installed easily and it helps to import already adjusted pages and products:

    Our theme includes WooCommerce templates and styles for them only. It doesn't override its default functionality.

    Best Regards

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