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One Step Checkout
  • Hi 7 months ago you said one step checkout would be added. Has this been done yet?

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    Not yet, but we'll release one step checkout extension that will be compatible with athlete theme within a month I guess.
  • this is the issue holding me back from purchase,
    can the checkout be customized?

    we take a deposit online for the item, and dont need shipping page?

    does the athlete theme enable customization of the checkout and removal of steps?

    the number of steps (6) is HUGE


  • Support
    Hi Mark,

    It will require customization. Athlete comes with default magento checkout page which doesn't allow to change blocks from admin.
  • Do hyou have a one-step checkout now?
  • Support

    Not yet. "One Step Checkout" extension is still in development.
  • Hi there, I was considering this theme as well but definitely interested in the one-page checkout support though. What's the roadmap like for 1.9.2 support and one-page checkout? Is it in the near-future?
  • I'm taking the no-response and follow up from the question two weeks ago as an indicator that one-page checkout support is no where near nor is 1.9.2 support?
  • Steve Administrator
    Hi George,

    One step checkout will released within a next couple weeks.
    In 1.9.2 was changed only core magento files, that are not affect our theme except couple lines in a single files.
    We've described how to update it here:
  • Steve,

    Thank you for the follow up. Any news on the one-step checkout? We're close to switching to Magento and would love to move forward with this theme. We'll probably be one of the first to purchase, and I'm pretty sure many others will as well, once the one-step checkout is available.

    Let me know, thanks.
  • Support
    You can subscribe to our social accounts to get fresh info:,
  • Stan,

    The Olegnax Twitter and Facebook feeds don't seem to really be a good source to find fresh info. Facebook hasn't had a new post since 2014 and on Twitter, there's dozens of Tweets every day basically just repeating the feature set of themes that have already been released. Perhaps somewhere buried in the 31,000 tweets in the past 5 years or in the 150 additional tweets going out per week there's some fresh info, but definitely not a good source to find out what actually is new.

    And with this being the pre-sales question forum and this being one of the most popular posts with over 600+ views plus the fact that an expected release date was mentioned on this thread should make this the leading area for what's the latest on this highly requested feature that keeps being promised but not delivered.

    Since it's been over a couple of weeks since the "will be released in a couple of weeks post" and you responded with signing up to your social accounts instead really means that now there's no ETA on release? Overall the follow up has been disappointing on this and really gives us pause for concern.
  • Support
    Yes, unfortunately we don't have any ETA for a release date but we are working on it and put our best to release it ASAP. The info on Twitter will be updated immediately once the extension will be released. We will also drop a notice here in this thread.
  • We would like to use this theme, but want an accordion checkout; broken into steps with each section expanding as you move through the process. Is it possible to do that using the admin?
  • Steve Administrator
    Hi Dawn,

    Yes you can use default Magento checkout

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