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Question about Extened version
  • Hi! We're thinking about buyng the extended version of Celibrity for our upcoming shops. Please tell me, is it possible for you to add the abbility to change background pattern if we buy the extended version?
    Thank you for answering
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  • Steve Administrator
    Hi Johan,

    Thank you for your interest to our Theme.
    Yes, sure, we can add it.
  • And that would be included in the price if so?
    And the Extended version we can use on all our websites, correct?
  • Steve Administrator
    Yes, it will be included in price.
    Yes it is correct, if you purchase Extended version you can use it for as many websites as you want.
    But you can't resale this theme as a stand-alone item.
  • I get it thank you.
    We want to use the theme for 5 different domains.
    And then for a lot of subdomains, will the subdomains count as new websites?
    If they are named for example: and ?
  • Steve Administrator
    If we correctly understand the license, everything counts:

    ...For web content a regular license is suitable for use on a single domain or single subdomain or single directory. For most buyers the regular license is sufficient...

    We are only author on the Envato marketplace, so you better contact Envato with this questions:
  • Please tell us, we like tour design and wants to buy Extended version.
    BUT we would like a different footer like this one for example:

    Could you fix it?

    Also on first page we want the big slider, but the slider below we would like to change for 9 products of our own choice.
    Is this possible?
  • Serge Administrator
    Hi Johan

    Yes, it's possible as paid customization
  • Please tell us how much it would cost?
    Please observe that it is the Extended version we will buy
  • Serge Administrator
    Hi Johan
    We decided to make it free for you.
  • Hi! Sounds fine, can we maybe chat about this on SKype / MSN or email ? Its a little faster than this? So Ill tell you what we want and we make the buy and you fix it?
  • And please tell me, we will use it for v 1.7 is it possible?
  • Serge Administrator
    Yes, it is compatible with 1.7
    Email me -
  • I just emailed you, lets talk more there! my mail:

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