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Retro theme questions
  • I'm considering buying your Retro theme and have a coupe of (very newbie) questions:

    1) I prefer that my customers can enter the shop categories in one click from the front page. Can I can make a categories drop down menu from the front page?

    2) Is there anywhere I can see what patterns and colors are offered for the background?

    3) My husbond is my CTO and while he's a savvy computer enterprise guy, he's not a programmer and have no experience building websites. How easy is it to build the WooCommerce shop using your theme?
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    Hello Mette,

    1. Sure, it can be easily done.

    2. We have a few predefined theme skins that can be applied from the dashboard directly: All background patterns that you can see on our live preview are included in the theme. You can change patterns and colors from the admin panel also.

    3. WooCommerce team provides well documented instructions on how to create shop using this plug-in. Our theme provides unique design for this shop only.

    Best Regards
  • Thank you so much. Just to clarify, what are the background patterns and how many are there? Can I choose between a wide range of colors within the predefined skins?
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    Actually you have control of the most theme colors and patterns from the admin panel. You can check a screenshot of some options here:
  • Hey, probably a dumb question, but for $48 can I have a shopping cart? I see the advanced version is for charging end users. I assume that means something more than just a shopping cart, right since it's 2400?

  • Support

    As shopping cart is a part of shop, it comes along with WooCommerce plug-in that is used for shop in our theme.

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