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questions before buying the template
  • Hello,

    we are interesting to buy the Athlete Template from themeforest, but for us is the first time, and we have a few questions before the purchase.

    - First of All,the modules we saw in the live preview are available inside the template? If not,what are the extension not included in the template?

    -If we add an extension after (example: the blog) the graphics is ready and available like the preview? or we need to work to adapt?
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  • Support
    Hi Alberto,

    You get what you see on our preview except images.
  • Hi Admin,

    I love all of your Athelete Template features, however, is there a option for full site(fixed layout) for users to choose from?
  • Support
    Hi apple,

    What do you mean by full site(fixed layout)? Can you show an example?
  • Hello Sirs,

    I have a website on Magento platform and I am willing to change the theme for Athlete

    Does Olegnax provide this kind of service? Installation and possible fixes related with previously installed extensions, any customization needed?

    Thanks in advance,

  • I'm having trouble getting this question answered...Can I set up a shopping cart for the $48 license? The wording is strange.
  • Support
    Hi Denis,
    You can discuss installation and customization service by this email:
  • Support
    Hi Greg,

    I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean by "set up a shopping cart for the $48 license".

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