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localization of content
  • Hi.
    I will be new to Magento and almost decided to use your theme.

    Please tell me, How does content translation work, so that I can have severall langs in my site?
    and...can I have different images for different langs?
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  • Serge Administrator

    Magento has a lot of translations in magento connect for default texts in template files.
    If you use static blocks for text - you can create separate instance with different language for each store.

    However, theme can have custom text in template files.
    To translate theme custom texts you need to do following steps ( example for celebrity template ) :

    - create app\design\frontend\default\celebrity\locale\[your_Locale]\translate.csv
    for example for polish - app\design\frontend\default\celebrity\locale\pl_PL\translate.csv

    - edit translate.csv . Each line contain one phrase. Example
    "Newsletter Sign Up","My Newsletter"
    "Special Price:","Now only:"

  • Hello Serge.

    I have try you´r example, but i can not get it to work.

    I have made this: /app/design/frontend/default/celebrity/locale/dk_DK/ (i am using danish language)

    and make a translate.csv and put it in the dk_DK and try your example "Newsletter Sign Up","My Newsletter" but still claims these letters "Newsletter Sign Up" on the frontpage.?

    But i am also unsure that i have understood correctly about [your_Locale]

    Hope u can understand my bad english.

    Thx. Ron
  • Serge Administrator

    1. Danish locale is da_DK
    2. Please check store locale in System -> Configuration -> General -> Locale Options
  • Thx. Serge for fast reply, and for this cool looking theme :)

    I am still confused where to translate, i have set my shop to Danish as default in locale options, and my site is 70% dansih 30% english?

    I have take some screen capture:


  • Serge Administrator
    Text you mark with red is template text. It should be translated like i describe in first post
  • Ok but i dont know what i am doing rong, hope you can see it ?


    And here my .csv file ho i have made in dreamweaver:

  • Serge Administrator
    Translate file is case sensitive. We also use some css tranform to make text uppercase or camelcase.
    Best method is to use chrome developer console ( right-click on element -> show element code ) or firebug in FF

    Here is how the text should be written

    Latest Arrivals
    On Sale
    Newsletter Sign Up
    Sign Up
    Shopping cart
  • Ok... sorry but i have now made a new csv file in excel but it will still not work...

  • Serge Administrator
    On your screenshot i see that you do not change locale path
    Danish locale is da_DK
    Path should be celebrity/locale/da_DK, not dk_DK
  • Ohhhhh i se, i have changed the name of the map to da_DK, but i still not working... Crying....

  • Serge Administrator
    Ok. PM me ftp and admin info. I will check it
  • Serge Administrator
    I fix your site.
    You need to create translate.csv with notepad, not excel.
    File had wrong format
    It was
    """Shopping cart"",""Indtest"""

    It should be
    "Shopping cart","Indtest"

    Also dont forget to refresh cache in System -> Cache management if you do not see changes immediately
  • 10000000 Thx i am so happy now.
  • Serge Administrator
    Rate us on Themeforest :)
  • Yes i will :)
  • Hi Serge,

    I have the same problem but somehow i cannot get the wanted result, i would really appreciate if you would help me.

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    Replied via PM
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