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Questions about Retro theme

  • Hi, I am interesting in this theme, but have some questions about this theme before make a decision.

    After viewing all the shop demo pages, I did not find any "video" column under any product description content pages, just wondering if this theme has this ability. Because under Woocommerce product content page, it can add video link to the product.

    Another question: does this theme compilable with "Page Builder"???

    So, would it be possible to let me know? Thank you so much.
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  • Sorry, need to add more questions:

    - After purchased, is the further update FREE???
    - What services will get after purchased??
  • Support
    Hello WP-Woo-Guest ,

    1. You can easily embed a YouTube or Vimeo videos in a frame to a page,post or a product content.
    2. Unfortunately it will require customization to make this plug-in work properly with the theme.
    3. Yes, all update are free.
    4. We parovide support service along with the theme. More info about our support policy can be found here:

    - http://themeforest.net/item/retro-premium-vintage-wordpress-theme/5075763/support
    - http://olegnax.com/support_policy/

    Best Regards!
  • Hi, Stan:

    Thank you so much for your reply, and very helpful information about this theme.

    Just want to make sure that I understand well for the first QA - you said "embed" a YouTube or Vimeo videos in a product content, does that mean "extra embed code" into the product content?????

    The reason why I am asking because under Woocommerce product content page, there is a field that you can just fill in the video link to it and the video will show with the product automatically (either above/with the product main photo or has a column, depends the theme designed), and there is no need "extra code or work" to put into the content separately. So, I just wondering and would like to make sure I understand your answer about this theme.

    Can you clarify so I will be able to know what you mean or show me an example page will help as well? Really appreciate it!!
  • Another question: does this theme has "back to the top" arrow at the bottom of each page????
  • Support
    1. Here are the places where you can show your video:

    product Video

    2. There is not a "Back to top" button but as far as we know there are tons of WordPress plug-ins that provides this functionality

  • Hi, Stan:

    Thank you so much for the sample page and all the answers, really appreciate it, it helps to make a decision.
  • Hi there,

    Does the Retro - Premium Vintage WordPress Theme have an instagram share option in the social media icons?
  • Support
    @Little Miss Pistol

    According to: http://instagram.com/developer/endpoints/media/ uploading via the API is not possible, so there is not a share option for the Instagram social link.
  • Thanks Stan. Is their a tumbler share option offered in the social media icons?
  • Support
    "Share" option is available for: Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest in this theme.
  • Will you be adding other share options in later updates?
  • Support
    Can you clarify what are the exact share options?
  • How can I have the share displayed directly below product meta please?
    Reason: If a product does not have a full description, the share buttons do not display because they are attached to product tab "description".
  • Support

    This category is presale questions only. Please, post your issue in a theme category: http://help.olegnax.com/categories/retro-premium-vintage-wordpress-theme

    Best Regards
  • Will there be an update for Wordpress 4.3.?
    And can I embed a video right under the header or in the header?
    And is there an option for a picture galerie?
    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Support
    1) The theme is compatible with the latest WordPress version.
    2) Yes, using slider Revolution.
    3) The theme comes with Galleries feature: http://retro.olegnax.com/sortable-medium-layout-portfolio-page-full-width/. Besides you can use galleries that come with WordPress by default.
  • Is the Instagram social icon an option for the retro theme?
  • Support
    Yes, the same 3 types as any other social links:

    inst Ic


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