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Retro theme, question about header nav menu
  • How header nav menu is organized? Are there two menus in admin that user should add ( 3 + 3 if we are talking about your demo ) or only one menu (with all 6 elements)? It is more convinient if there only one menu :)
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    Hello, Vitaliy!

    The main menu is split to 2 menus ( right and left ) by default but depending on a logo position (it can be also aligned to the right or left) it's possible to manage the only 1 menu.

    Best Regards!
  • I'm asking how menu is managed from admin area? Sorry, maybe I just didn't understand yor previous answer. What I talking about is if I want to place logo in the center of nav menu and will create only one menu with six elements (pages or categories or custom links) in Appearance -> Menus in admin area is it enough? Or I have to create two small menus (with 3 elements each) in this case?
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    You should create 2 menus if logo is centered.

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