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Customisation/ Shop Categories
  • Hi,

    I love the Retro them and am keen on it for my e-store makeover - I just want to know if I will be able to have categories and sub categories in the store? And, as far as customisation goes, will I be able to change background images/ colours to my own designs/ choices or am I limited to what is in the library?

    Thanks :)
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  • Support
    Hello, Westy!

    - Shop functionality is provided by WooCommerce plug-in. Yes, it's possible to have categories, sub categories, tags, etc... in your store. We can also suggest Woo docs to make sure that the functionality will fit your needs: Managing Product Categories, Tags and Attributes.

    - It depends on your skill. Actually the theme is highly customizable. A lot of changes can be done from the dashboard directly: POWERFUL ADMIN PANEL

    Best Regards!
  • Thanks Stan,

    My skills are limited to cutting and pasting :)

    I'm sure I can figure it out :)

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