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I have purchase the retro premium theme for my website, I can't find my log in details,
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    I have my purchase item number but I don't know my log in details, I think web developer set it up, so I can't log in to ask for assistance, I am having problems with the feed burner plug in, I can't seem to get the two to link together it keeps saying that email subscription has not been activated when I enter an email to subscribe however I have activated feed burner. Can I add another subscribe button (plug in) that is still themed but not so hard to activate?
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    Hello, Sallina!

    You need to contact your developer to get the forum credentials in this case.

    As the theme developers we do not provide support for third party plug-ins. All info about their adjustment, bugs, features can be found on the developer's of these plug-ins sites, forums, blogs etc...

    The theme comes with 2 widgets for a subscription: FeedburnerEmail form and MailChimp. More info can be found in the documentation included in the theme package.

    Best Regards!

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