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Celebrity compatibility with Magento 1.5
  • Hi, we have an installation with Magento 1.5 .
    The template Celebrity is compatible with Magento 1.6 and up.

    Is there a way we can customize/modify the template to make it compatible with Magento 1.5 ? Where can we find infromation about it?

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  • Serge Administrator
    Yes, you can start developing template for magento 1.5 using this version base template.
    Compare files from celebrity template with 1.5 template and you will create new template step by step.
    Css / images do not require big changes.
  • Which files have to be changed. I will buy theme as well, if it runs on 1.5
  • Support
    Theme is not compatible with 1.5
    I cant say which files you need to update. What you can do is start developing template for magento 1.5 using 1.6 version as a base template.
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