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Question for the drop down menu for Chocolate Magento Theme
  • Hi,

    I am interested on the Chocolate Magento Theme. I have a few question about this theme

    1) I just want to known that is that ok to show 3rd level of navigation at the same drop down box when the user roll over the top main navigation bar? So the user can see 2nd and 3rd level at the same time.

    2) Also I found that there is no alt text for all of the animation icons such as the "compare products" and " add to wish list" icon. so is that easy to add?

    3) please visit this page. ->>> Baby Baby girl 0-24 months Baby bedding

    3) The side menu don't have any highlight for which section I am, but I found that there are some highlight for which section I am when I rollover the top menu bar.
    Is that possible to turn on the highlight for the side menu bar as well?


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  • Serge Administrator
    Hi Fiona

    1. We are thinking of add one more menu view with 2nd and 3rd level visible at the same time. But for now Chocolat theme has only two options for navigation
    - custom menu you can see on demo site
    - default magento navigation styled for chocolat

    2. It is easy to add. We can provide instructions on how to do it

    3. This category has no products. You see text which can be edited in admin ( static block ) .

    4. Yes, this is a bug. We wil fix it in upcoming update

  • Hi

    Thank you for your reply, That will be nice if we can choose the view for showing 2nd and 3rd level visible at the same time. Will you need this function at your next update? Also If we buy the theme before the update then can we still download the update ver. later?

  • Hi

    Also is that ok to display random products in products slider ?
  • Serge Administrator
    Updates will be available in your themeforest account.
    Regarding displaying random products in slider - it can be done as custom work

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