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Pre-purchase question BLOG page in Wordpress
  • Hi,
    I already purchased Simplicity HTML and wanted to know if I purchase this new release containing Wordpress I can switch my blog page to be in Wordpress while the rest of the pages remain in HTML. This to only simplify the posting of the blog page for myself.
    Thank You,
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  • Support
    Hello, David!

    Why not? Yo can create a blog using the wp theme and also a menu that will be linked to your HTML pages.

    Best Regards!
  • Can you please help me with this? I have contracted your customization services in the past and would greatly benefit to have someone from your team help me implement the customization and uploading to my wordpress account.
    Thank you.

  • Support
    You can order a customization service by this e-mail:
  • Hello
    I have a big question, I was working in a blog Halftone blog. It counts with a work section. But my client does not want this template anymore. In work section I captured a list of 300 authors like a work, I would like to preserve this capture but I need a template that have this section. I like retro template it has portofolio section but not work section. Do you know Can I migrate my capture list to this template? I don't want to loose my work section captured.

    Could you help me?
  • Support
    Hello, Aidée!

    What do you mean under the work section? Any luck to see how it looks for the time being?
    Also Retro theme was developed for a WordPress CMS and there is no an HTML version.

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